What to Pack for a Fall Trip to Iceland

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When you are traveling to Iceland in the fall it is important to make sure you pack everything you need to be comfortable in a variety of climates and weather conditions. It is entirely possible that you will experience all four seasons in one day when you visit Iceland in the fall. This guide will help you know what to wear and pack for your trip.

The first rule you need to know about packing for Iceland is that layers are key. Being able to add or take off clothing depending on the weather will ensure that you are comfortable and happy for any activity you may be taking part in. In addition to your basic, standard packing like items (I shouldn’t need to tell you to pack underwear), here are the items that you will want to make sure that you add to your Iceland packing list.

Waterproof Jacket

There is nothing worse than being cold while you are trying to enjoy the beautiful Icelandic views. I recommend getting a waterproof triclimate jacket. These jackets consist of two parts so you can take layers off or add them on as you need. It’s like having two jackets in one!

Waterproof Pants

I was so grateful for my waterproof pants on my trip. Not only did they keep me nice and dry but they also kept the mud off my hiking pants. Waterproof pants are not just great for rain but also for being able to get close up to waterfalls. They are lightweight enough that you can show them in a backpack when you don’t need them and being able to peel off a wet layer so you don’t have to be damp all day is such a relief. Make sure they are big enough to slip over your regular jeans or hiking clothes.

Waterproof Hiking Boots

Are you seeing a trend with waterproof items? I think we can all agree that wet socks suck, having waterproof hiking books will keep you from having to deal with that. The hiking trails in Iceland can get muddy or involve crossing creeks so having sturdy, waterproof hiking boots will keep you prepared. And because you don’t want to be adding blisters to your souvenir list, make sure that you remember to pack proper hiking socks.

Hiking Clothing

You definitely don’t want to forget your hiking clothing while you are in Iceland! There are so many great trails you’ll probably be in active wear for most of your trip.

Bathing Suit

Don’t make the mistake I did and forget your bathing suit. Hot springs, outdoor pools, and thermal rivers are common in Iceland, be prepared to take a dip.


One of the ways that I kept stylish during my trip was by packing a few sweaters. They were easy to toss on for a hike or wear out to a nice dinner in Reykjavik. Of course you will also want to get your hands on an iconic Icelandic wool sweater.

Rain Jacket

In addition to a regular waterproof jacket, I also recommend packing a rain jacket. They are great as an easy lightweight outer layer and the bright colored ones look fantastic in photos.

Warm Accessories

Topping off the cold weather gear – make sure you pack a hat, scarf and gloves. I recommend something that you can pull down over your ears and gloves that will still let you work the touch screen on your phone so you can capture photos and video while not freezing your fingers off.

Walking Around Shoes

When you are in Iceland, you are going to be doing quite a bit of walking around. Having not just comfortable, but also stylish shoes are key. I love the Adidas Superstar sneakers because they are comfortable enough to walk miles in and they go with everything. I’ve worn them with jeans, with dresses, with leggings – they are great travel shoes. Another pair of shoes that always finds its way into my bag are my Thursday boots. I now have 4 pairs of Thursday boots and they are fantastic to travel with, comfortable, stylish, and super durable. My last piece of advice on shoes is to make sure you are rotating what you are wearing on your trip, this helps to avoid any blisters. These are some of my favorite travel shoes.


Chances are you are going to be out and about while you are in Iceland, going on tours, hiking, or just walking around. You are going to need a daypack to carry items like your camera, sunscreen, light jacket, wallet… you get the picture. Make sure you have a daypack that will leave you hands free but also able to carry more than just your phone.


Yes, there is a chance for sunny days during the fall in Iceland. Protect your eyes and pack some sunglasses. These will come in handy especially if you are planning on hiking any glaciers where the sun can reflect off the ice.

Water Bottle

It is such a waste to buy bottled water when you are in Iceland. The water out of the tap and heck even streams is drinkable. So instead of wasting your money on a bottle of water, bring your own to fill up.

Hot Hands and Toasty Toes

My secret to staying comfortable on even the coldest hikes? These air activated hand and feet warmers. They are a must on your packing list for Iceland.

With this packing list you are sure to have a great trip to Iceland!