Bookmark These Sites For Your Iceland Trip

Iceland has done a fantastic job of making important information easily accessible to tourists, but you have to know where to look. Here is a helpful list of websites you need to bookmark for your trip to Iceland!

You should check this website everyday for weather and road conditions as well as any safety alerts.

More road conditions and closures as well as webcams so you can see realtime road conditions – this is super helpful as the weather can be completely different just a few miles away. Check out my Guide to Renting a Car in Iceland.

Forecasts and real time conditions broken down by region, I found this to be more accurate than those huge weather websites. It also has an aurora forecast. This will also help you decide what you need to wear each day and what to pack before your trip. Check out this Fall Iceland Packing List post to help you prepare for your trip to Iceland.

Even more weather information but this site has earthquake and avalanche information and tracks harmful volcanic gas, which you will need to know about if you plan on visiting any active volcanic sites.

This regional website has all the information if you are planning on going to see the erupting volcano including hiking maps, parking locations, what’s open, and a webcam so you can see if the volcano is active. It would be a shame to hike all those miles and not get to see some lava.

Everything you need to know about where to find the aurora in Iceland. This site is super important if you are looking to visit Iceland specifically to see the aurora.

This is where you will fill out your pre-registration to enter Iceland as well as book your test to come back to the US. And remember you do not need to pay to fill out your pre-registration so any website offering to fill it out for you is a scam.

Iceland is a place where your plans need to stay flexible and these websites help you accomplish that, giving you the information you need to plan not just your trip but your day.