Alaska Travel Guide | Juneau Food

This blog post is in part sponsored by Travel Juneau. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The food in Juneau is stellar! To say I ate well on this trip would be an understatement. Here is your guide to all the food I ate in Juneau, AK and exactly what restaurants and dishes you should be adding to your list for your trip to Juneau.

Breakfast and Coffee

Savory waffle from Auke Bay Cafe in Juneau

Auke Bay Cafe

I am a savory over sweet breakfast person. Auke Bay Cafe has savory waffles that are so good! I’ve never seen these on a menu before, so I had to order it. Loved every bite and now I’ll need to figure out how to make these at home.

Exterior of Heritage Coffee in downtown Juneau

Heritage Coffee Roasters Co.

Heritage has been in Juneau for over 30 years and has multiple locations. I grabbed the perfect iced coffee pick-me-up and a cheddar jalapeno roast red pepper garlic cilantro scone – yes, that is one scone with all the best ingredients and it was perfect.

Close-up of the lox bagel from Sacred Grounds in Juneau

Sacred Grounds Coffee

Sacred Grounds is Juneau’s only indigenously authentic cafe. They have a fairly large memu of made-to-order breakfast and lunch items as well as grab and go items. I decided on the Chocolate Strawberry which was like a dessert in a cup and the Sockeye Lox & Bagel.

Avocado toast on a white plate from The Rookery in Juneau

The Rookery

The Rookery is the cutest coffee shop with a full menu and a pastry case that is what dreams are made of. I got an iced latte, avocado toast, and a chocolate croissant. The avocado toast was delicious, the dukkah nut and spice blend that tops it is fantastic. Highly recommend you start at least one of your days here.

Lunch and Dinner

A king crab leg, crab bisque, rolls, and crab cakes from Tracy's King Crab Shack in Juneau

Tracy’s King Crab Shack

I’m going to say it now, you need to put Tracy’s King Crab Shack on your Juneau MUST EAT list. I’m probably going to be dreaming about this crab for the rest of my life. Originally, I was just going to get one leg which is about 1 lb but luckily I was talked into the special for the day which was one king crab leg, an 8oz crab bisque, 4 crab cakes (which are more like crab nuggets) and rolls with butter. Everything was so delicious! I really appreciated that the crab legs come pre-opened (I’m sure this isn’t the correct term) so that it’s easy to get to the meat. Best of all I got to enjoy my meal on their patio looking out over the water and mountains. There is a reason this places makes an appearance on every Juneau food guide out there.

Three fish tacos in a to-go container from Deckhand Dave's in Juneau

Deckhand Dave’s Fish Tacos

Being from Texas, I’ve had a taco or two hundred in my life. I especially love fish tacos and it’s my go to when I see it on a menu. So imagine my delight when I saw that there is a fish taco truck right next to my hotel. These are true street style sized tacos so I recommend going with the fish taco sampler. This Texan gives Deckhand Dave’s five stars!

A baskets of fish and chips from The Hanger in Juneau

The Hanger on the Wharf

If you are looking for fantastic fish and chips in Downtown Juneau, look no further. It is hard to settle on just one dish because this menu is packed full of deliciousness. In addition, The Hanger has a large deck with views of the water and mountains. Dinner and a view? Sign me up!

A plate of halibut filet over vegetables at Salt restaurant in Juneau


Salt has one of those menus where I know I would love everything on it. This is a perfect date night spot, even if your date is yourself. I recommend the local oysters and the halibut, both were fantastic. But, like I said, the whole menu looks fantastic. This is a popular spot and if you are set on eating here while you are in Juneau you should get reservations.

Dessert and Snacks

Two gourmet smores in to-go containers

Captain S’more and Brew

Captain’s S’more and Brew is a gourmet s’more/coffee/hot cocoa trailer. Along with more traditional s’mores there are two most outrageous flavors on the menu and I got them both. The Salty Sea Lion is topped with bacon and sea salt caramel and the Smokey Salmon has smoked salmon and brown sugar maple glaze. I’m a salty/sweet person so I loved both but top prize goes to the Salty Sea Lion.

A hand holding a small cup of gelato in downtown Juneau

Venice Italian Gelateria

This is the perfect sweet treat while you are in Downtown Juneau. A bunch of flavors to choose from, I love the amaretto flavor. Venice Italian Gelateria also has sorbetto, sodas, waffles and gelato paninis.

A bottle of kombucha from Alaska Probiotics and a vegan berry tart in a to-go container

Alaska Probiotics

Alaska Probiotics is a company that specializes in kombucha. There are a bunch of flavors on tap and it is hard to choose just one. I got a bottle of the Strawberry Sprucetip and I also grabbed a vegan berry tart to-go. I wish I had been able to stop by more and try other flavors too!

Juneau is a seafood lovers heaven for sure, but there is so much more to explore, between the coffee shops, food trucks, and restaurants you are going to love having a foodie adventure here. If you loved this Juneau Food Guide then you need to head over to my post with my full 4 Days in Juneau Travel Guide.