Tips for Visiting teamLab Borderless

When I first saw photos of teamLab Borderless in Tokyo I thought, “This looks neat but also seems over-hyped.” After all, anything that’s on Instagram that much can’t possibly live up to its reputation. But it totally did! And it was one of the coolest art installations I’ve ever visited. Now that I’ve been I have some tips to pass along so you can have the best visit ever!

Buy your tickets in advance

This attraction regularly sells out so make sure you secure your tickets in advance by getting them online.

Arrive 30 minutes before opening

The best way to beat the crowds is to get there early. It can get super crowded so if you want a bit more space to explore the museum or are looking to get some photos without many people in them, go early.

Use the refundable lockers

There are lockers at the entrance where you can leave your bags and coats. Make sure you bring yen for the locker (this is refunded). Because it’s an interactive museum you don’t want to have a bunch of things weighing you down, so leave them in the luggage room. Just note that there is no re-entry so make sure you do have anything you need once you enter the museum because you cannot go back.

Get tickets to En Tea House

This extra ticket is totally worth it! Make sure you buy one when you are purchasing your admission tickets.

Download the teamLab Borderless App

Because it’s a museum without maps (or borders!) there are no fixed captions or explanations. The app will explain the artwork that is near you so that you have a better understanding of what you are viewing.

Take your time – there’s no re-entry

Once you are in, you’re in so make sure you are ready to do all of your exploring. There is no restaurant or cafe besides the En Tea House, which only serves tea and ice cream. There are some vending machines but know that if you are in need of a meal you will have to leave the museum.

Bring your camera

Many people complain about the number of people taking selfies and videos of themselves. Here’s the thing, this is an interactive art experience. It is designed to have the viewer interact with the exhibits and you are encouraged to make your own art while you are there. Take your selfies and have no shame!

Grab a friend for photos

Monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks are not allowed in the museum so if you are looking to get photos make sure you buddy up or are comfortable asking a stranger to snap a pic. As someone who uses a tripod a lot to take my own photos, this is a big deal to me.