5 Travel Organization Tasks at Home

I think we all can agree that COVID-19 sucks big time. Here are 5 things you can do while you are at home waiting to be able to travel again:

1. Organize your travel minis. Can’t remember last time you stayed at a Hilton? Probably time to throw that shampoo out. For everything you keep, group like items so they are easy to identify and grab when you are ready to pack your bags again. Here is the organizer I bought for my minis.

2. Update your contact and emergency contact information in your frequent flyer and hotel rewards programs. May seem tedious but doing it now will save you from a headache later. Log into all your reward accounts and make sure your personal contact information is up to date and that you have your emergency contact filled out.

3. Donate old luggage you don’t use anymore, clean your current luggage. I bet your luggage is nasty. Take this time to give it a good cleaning. Here is a great guide to cleaning your luggage. For luggage that you don’t use anymore consider donating it to a local women’s shelter or to an organization that helps support children in foster care who many times store their items in garbage bags.

4. Finally get around to applying for Global Entry. I mean you might as well fill out that form. You will eventually have to do your in-person interview, which are currently suspended, but that can be scheduled months out. Now would also be a great time to see if your current travel rewards credit card will pay for your application. If you already have Global Entry, have you checked your expiration date recently?

5. Make sure all your travel documents are current. Check that passport expiration date and if you are set to expire within 12 months you might as well go ahead and renew, just note that it may take a bit longer to receive your new passport. Now is also a great time to work on gathering your documents for your REAL ID if you haven’t gotten one already.

Bonus: Continue to dream about your first adventure when this is all over. Hop onto Pinterest and start pinning some ideas for your dream trip.