Peek-a-boo Canyon in Kanab, UT

The most well known slot canyon in the US is Antelope Canyon in Arizona. But what if I told you there’s a better option? Let me introduce you to Peek-a-boo Canyon (also known as the Red Canyon) in Kanab, UT. There is another Peek-a-boo in Utah so just to be clear, this slot canyon is in Kanab. I posted a photo of Peek-a-boo on Instagram and asked people if they knew where it was taken, the majority of people thought it was a photo of Antelope!

You are probably wondering what makes Peek-a-boo better than Antelope, after all everyone knows about Antelope but you probably haven’t heard of Peek-a-boo. Here are all the reasons to skip Antelope and visit Peek-a-boo instead:

Antelope – Has about 4 million visitors annually. That’s over 7,000 people a day making their way through the area.

Peek-a-boo – When I visited there were 6 people on my tour plus my tour guide. That’s it. There were a few people out on ATVs in the area but they weren’t really there for the slot canyon.

Antelope – You must book a tour with a guide. The cheapest tour I was able to find was $40.

Peek-a-boo – FREE! That’s right, there’s no cost to visit and you do not need to hire a guide. I did end up hiring a guide however, because the road from the trailhead to the canyon is pretty rough and required a high clearance 4WD vehicle. This included pick-up from my hotel. I went with Dreamland Safari Tours, the same company I used to hike the Wave.

Antelope – No tripods allowed.

Peek-a-boo – You can have a full blown photoshoot!

Antelope – Super crowded and you get moved along quickly so your chances of getting amazing photos are diminished.

Peek-a-boo – You can take your time and because it’s not crowded, you are going to get those perfect photos.

Antelope – With the focus on moving people through the canyon, you aren’t given a lot of time to actually appreciate the beauty of nature.

Peek-a-boo – You can take your time. See everything that is around you and have a relaxing experience.

Bonus: Peek-a-boo has a hoodoo!

If you want to check out a slot canyon, skip Antelope and visit Peek-a-boo instead!

A Google map of Peek-a-boo Canyon
BLM website for Peek-a-boo