Kosan Go Travel Rain Jacket Review

When I was in Tokyo this fall it was in less than ideal weather conditions – ie. lots of rain showers. While the umbrellas in Japan are plentiful, you can buy them in any convenience store, that meant that I always had to have one hand occupied by holding it. Thank goodness Kosan came to my rescue and sent me their new Go Travel Rain Jacket.

Kosan Go Travel Rain Jacket

It was such a life saver! Let me tell you my favorite features:

A booty covering length – I’m 5’9” so finding a rain jacket that covers by bottom is difficult and the last thing you want to do is sit down and get your bottom wet.

Kosan Go Travel Rain Jacket

Large pockets – Ladies I know you feel me on this one! I was able to fit not only my hands but also my phone, Osmo pocket, and transport card all comfortably in the front pockets. Adn these pockets not only snap close but also zip so I had no worries about keeping my stuff dry.

Interior pocket – Y’all know how rare it is to have a rain jacket with a hidden and secure interior pocket? Well, this jacket has one and it’s actually a useful size.

Kosan Go Travel Rain Jacket

The best hood – It actually covers your head without making you have tunnel vision and it tucks nicely into the collar.

All the details – This jacket is so lightweight! It comes with a little pouch so you can fold it up and throw it in your backpack when you don’t need it and in its pouch it doubles as a travel pillow. Also, there are so many adjustable features like a waist cincher which gives it a super flattering fit.

Kosan Go Travel Rain Jacket

Bonus – Doubles as a splash guard against ramen slurps!

Their kickstarter campaign ends on December 23 at 5pm EST so make sure you reserve yours ASAP!

Disclosure: This item was gifted to me. My opinions are genuine and my own.

Kosan Go Travel Rain Jacket Pin