How to Travel Successfully with Friends

I’ve been on my fair share of BFF Trips, Ladies Trips, Birthday Getaways, and trips with my husband to know the joy and frustration that can come from having a travel partner.

If you’re planning a trip with a friend or family member here are the things you need for success:

1. It’s all about the Benjamins – Just like most couples get divorced over money, you and your travel partner may throwdown about the budget. Hotels vs. hostels, Michelin starred restaurants vs. grocery store grab-n-go, taxis vs. public transportation – setting the expectations of how much you can spend on different aspects of your trip up front will keep you from getting into a fight and keep your wallet happy.

2. Together forever or separate ways – Just because y’all are on the same trip doesn’t mean you have to spend every moment connected at the hip. If there’s something you are dying to do and your travel partner is not, see if you can spend some time apart doing your own thing – this is also a great way to dip your toes into solo travel!

3. Divide and conquer – When it comes to planning a trip, divide up the planning process. This way you both will feel like you are invested in the trip. Although, you may come across a travel buddy that has no interest in planning and just wants to do whatever you decide, make sure you communicate about this so that you don’t feel like you are doing all the work or waiting on them to make plans with you.

4. Is this a trip or a vacation? This is one thing that I ask my husband when we are planning. Basically a “vacation” is slower paced with lots of time to relax we may spend a bit more on our accommodations because comfort is king. When we go on “trips” we know we are going to be getting up early, sightseeing, running around, and having full, usually scheduled, days. Agreeing on a trip “style” will help set expectations.

5. Compromise and confirm – You’re on a trip with another human who has their own needs and wants and you’re not going to get your way every time. Once you have decided on the 4 things above make sure you confirm them together so there are no surprises while you are on your trip. And if you are wanting to have your way the whole trip then maybe it’s time to look into trying solo travel.