The Gaggan Dining Experience

I’m not a food critic. Heck, I’m not even a food blogger. But I do love to eat and one of my favorite things to do when I travel is pick one Michelin starred restaurant to have a meal at. When I heard about Gaggan which is not only Michelin starred but was voted the best restaurant in Asia 4 years in a row I knew I had to check it out. This was actually the first reservation I made of my trip. I knew where I was going to eat before I knew where I was staying in Bangkok!

The menu is listed in emojis, no words, as the chef believes that emojis are a universal language. It is fun, it is playful, it is an interactive experience. It takes about 3 hours to go through the entire 25 course menu.

I don’t want to give too much away as part of the fun of dining here is trying to figure out how each emoji goes with its corresponding dish and then the ingredients. They only give you a menu with words at the end of the experience. If you are planning on going to Gaggan and you want to be surprised, then turn back now!

Here are the 25 courses I had:

A Little 🍊 Citrus

Yogurt 💥 Explosions

What Did U 👅 Lick?

Chili 🌶 Egg Nest

Idly Sambar 🍚 Breakfast

Bombay Bhel 🥪 Sandwich

Egg Tart 🥚 Ghewar

Charcoal ⚫️ Pyaz Kachori

These dishes then form the shape of India.

White Asparagus 🍦 No It’s Cauliflower

Cheese 🥖 Porcini Pav

Eggplant 🍆 Pomegranate Sundae

Puchka Liver 🍷 Mulled Wine

Sea Urchin 🌊 Hay Ice Cream

Otoro Sushi 🍣 Tribute

Water Carrots 🥕 Pepper Soup

River Prawn 🦐 Balchao

Scallops 🥥 Cold Curry

Tibetan Momo 🥟 Pork Vindaloo

Lamb Chop 🍋 Lemon Chili

Sea Bass 🔥 Bengali Paturi

Grandmas Egg Spinach 🌟 My Death Star

This Rose 🌹 Has No Thorns

Achu Murukku 🍓 Strawberry Yogurt

Yin & Yang Salt ☯️ Pepper Popcorn

Dark Side 🌈 Of The Moon


While most of the courses were one bite and the mains were about three to four, I actually left feeling full and satisfied. This menu may change so what you have at Gaggan might not be the same as me. Also, if this place is on your list I recommend going soon as Gaggan will be closing its doors in 2020 after a successful ten year run.