How to Prevent Jet Lag

Jet lag is the worst. When you get it bad it can make you feel like you are actually sick and no one wants to feel sick on vacation!

The first time I traveled to Europe I was super jet lagged because I did all the wrong things. It was terrible and I swore I would never let it happen to me again.

Here is what I do so I don’t get jet lagged:

Vitamin C
A couple days before my trip I load up on vitamin C. I take the 365 Everyday Value Effervescent Vitamin C Raspberry Drink Mix from Whole Foods in the morning. I also take a bunch of these packets with me when I travel for an extra boost in the morning and for before I fly back. It is also loaded with B vitamins so I recommend taking it in the morning because you are going to get pop of energy. There is also an orange flavor if you are into that.

I try to sleep as much as I can on the plane. Two things help me do this, a great neck pillow and Sleep Good Day Chocolates. Yes, you could just pop some melatonin but why do that when you can eat chocolate? I’ll take the full dosage of these after dinner is over on the plane and snuggle in to try and get as much sleep as I can.

As for a neck pillows, these are a deeply personal item. I’ve tried quite a few different ones including the TRTL Travel Pillow. I love the new version! I had the old one and it was… okay. But the new version fixed most of my complaints and has now gone with me on many trips.

Anti-Jet Lag Medicine
I have tried many different homeopathic remedies for jet lag and have found NO-JET-LAG pills to be the best. I take them as directed on the box and they will always be apart of my long haul survival kit.

Compression Socks
When I started traveling to Asia I decided that I should invest in some compression socks. These socks help keep the blood moving in your legs and help prevent swelling which can lead to all sorts of problems including having difficulty sleeping. Plus when you finally take them off it is the best feeling ever.

Drink all the water. Drink so much water. Planes are dehydrating, the food is very salty, you are mostly likely going to have an adult beverage so make sure you are providing your body with enough water to function. Bring a bottle with you so you can always have some water with you in between meals and drink service and don’t be afraid to ask for extra water.

When You Arrive
Try your best to do what you would normally if you were in your home timezone. If if is morning, go get breakfast and stay awake. If you take a nap longer than an hour you could really screw your internal clock so try your best! If it is night time, take some melatonin and cuddle up.

One final note, I didn’t mention anything about coffee. I actually don’t drink coffee when I am flying and one of the reasons is that coffee can dehydrate you. If I need a pep in my step I prefer to use B vitamins which are found in both the No-Jet-Lag Pills and the drink mix.

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